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Positive thinking is beneficial,

As it promotes great confidence,

Have deep faith in Providence,

Trust in God is surely essential.

Cultivate a fine talent,

Let it help kindly others,

Unused talent withers,

It must be usefully spent.

Develop a helping tendency,

Contribute a major share,

God is there to show care,

To help you in an emergency.

Your success is in your hands,

Don't search for it elsewhere,

If you very courageously dare,

Anything your mind withstands.

Always be hopeful and optimistic,

Step firmly and positively forward,

By success your steps are heard,

The result of hard-work is mystic.

When boredom sets in,

To it, never at all budge,

Do duty with no grudge,

In this way, you can win.

When you lose, cry not,

Carefully study the reason,

In life, loss is just a season,

A valuable lesson is taught.

Do duty without expectation,

Benefits will definitely come,

When your hoping is so dim,

There arises not any salvation.

Approach the goal with firmness,

By keeping mind under your grip,

There is for you another fine tip,

Ever trust and lean on calmness.

Pray to the maximum extent,

God will deliver protection,

Praying is the wisest action,

That makes ideas excellent!

M V Venkataraman

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