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Any job is a sure bonanza,

There is room for improving,

You have to wisely find out,

The method of mastering it.

Ignore initial toughness,

Involve yourself in the job,

Study carefully its intricacies,

Digest the difficulties calmly.

Consider the job as sacred,

Perform your part with care,

At times it may appear dull,

Lose not heart, but pursue.

Hard-work always rewards,

Keep this truth in your mind,

Perform the job in full swing,

Regretting will never occur.

The experience that you gain,

Is more important than salary,

Bring further improvements,

In the job, you will ascend.

Offer assistance to colleagues,

Sincerely obey your superiors,

Via kindness attract subordinates,

You will be winning outstandingly.

Make others adore your service,

Consider others' point of view,

Shoulder enough responsibility,

Ever be duty-conscious loyally.

Relaxation is a real must,

As it can cure boredom,

But, relax not too much,

Spring back to work soon.

Indulge not in cunning dodging,

Grudging generates only worry,

Discharge your duties mirthfully

Lean and earn, avoid heart-burn.

Pray fervently for God's grace,

God definitely knows what to do,

Your role is to scintillate in office,

Like a diamond, God will alter you!

M V Venkataraman

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