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Go to the innocent people,

Say words that are simple,

Just to give an example,

Say, "India is a Temple"

To eradicate fully poverty,

Take an oath with honesty,

Find the Lord in simplicity,

Integrate Indian society.

Many live without meals,

For them, a true heart feels,

Surely a kind word heals,

Avoid always improper deals.

Prosperity must evenly spread,

Regard every religion as sacred,

The color of blood for all is red,

Respecting every God is good.

A poor man desperately needs,

Only a Government that feeds,

If our Indian economy bleeds,

Change the man who leads.

Tell people to wisely vote,

Only to those who devote,

Their life-time to promote,

Peace of all via Rupee note.

People living in village,

May have no knowledge,

Of their voting privilege,

Bring them out of the cage.

Tell them about corruption,

Furnish them information,

Only they can save the Nation,

Via a stable Govt-formation.

Kindly raise the hats,

By entering the huts,

Heal their hearts' cuts,

Then, hope, each gets.

Prosperity, help them share,

Show that you sincerely care,

To do wonders, boldly dare,

God ever watches, be aware!

M V Venkataraman

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