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Get up in the early morning,

And wash your teeth and face,

Pray for that day's earning,

God helps if a soul truly prays.

After answering nature's call,

Take bath in only pure water,

Again to God pray for all,

For living to be sweeter.

Do your early morning rites,

According to your religion,

Vow to protect human rights,

Keep sacred the heart-region.

Visit a Temple if possible,

And pray to God again,

Gain had will be sizable,

Happiness, you will attain.

Mirthfully come back home,

Read the news in Newspaper,

Let not your mind just roam.

By involving in affairs deeper.

Have a healthy breakfast,

Thank God for the food,

Your body, don't exhaust,

To do duty, it must be good.

Confidently go to the workplace,

And render your job devotedly,

Be very sincere in all the ways,

Discharge duty wholeheartedly.

Come home with job satisfaction,

Thanksgiving must be profuse,

Spend two hours in relaxation,

The time is for your family's use.

Elect and select a wonderful hobby,

Pursue that hopefully and happily,

Gather noble ideas like a honey-bee,

Pray and go to bed to sleep deeply.

God will gladly guard all your dreams,

Then sleep will be absolutely sound,

Surely will click all your schemes,

As you have a strong background!

M V Venkataramana

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