To Help Master Life, Ideas, I Muster for my Sister's image
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To Help Master Life, Ideas, I Muster for my Sister

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 12, 2023
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You are wonderful,

With a kind heart,

Please be hopeful,

And all you comfort.

You are accurate,

In whatever you do,

I must frankly state,

My words are true.

You are noble and brave,

Only in this way, I observe,

Definitely God will save,

As His grace, you deserve.

I request you to include

God in your made plan,

By not being rude,

Love ever your man.

Be a good mother,

By loving and caring,

Face life's rough weather,

By being bold and daring.

All problems will vanish,

If you can rightly tackle,

Once you properly finish,

Like a star, you will twinkle.

By God, you are blessed,

In life's all the aspects,

By bliss you are kissed,

So, pay God due respects.

Ever have in heart cheer,

And carry on life peacefully,

Use reasoning to erase fear,

And lead your life usefully.

Gain vast experience,

While living on this earth,

Score many sacred runs,

To give everyone mirth.

God alone is always great,

Remember ever this fact,

Today is an important date,

Forge with God now a pact!

M V Venkataraman

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