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Act with absolute integrity,

Like God protecting His devotee,

Think with remarkable clarity,

Show to the needy charity,

Discharge perfectly every duty,

World is watched by the Almighty,

For the unity of the entire humanity,

Direct each and every activity,

Utilize the arriving opportunity,

To make prosperity plenty!

To serve with true love,

Take a decision now,

When hurdles come to cow,

Before God prayerfully bow,

To do only good, firmly vow,

Tears' arrival, don't allow,

Peace is God's know-how,

End will come anyhow,

So, overcome fear somehow,

Protect mind via prayer-glove!

Work for peace

And earn Rupees,

Life is a brief lease,

Peace is hard to seize,

Hatred is a deadly disease,

It will make peace cease,

Love truly all please,

Before God, bend the knees,

God's heart, love will appease,

And bring solace with ease!

Prayer helps us overcome fate,

Over God' presence, don't debate,

Give the mind a peaceful climate,

This Universe is God's estate,

Use patience to wisely tolerate,

At no time, try to strongly hate,

Will be then open Heaven's gate,

With goodness being the admission rate,

Always understand that God is great,

Before God with deepest faith, prostrate!

M V Venkataraman

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