Time and God Control the Sod's image
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Time flies away,

It waits for none,

Well-utilize time,

Foolishly miss not.

Waste not precious time,

Usefully do something,

Create a satisfactory past,

It is purely in your hands.

In the absence of guidance,

You might have lost track,

Then, here, who is to blame?

None, but your own self only.

When you ponder over,

Regrets will fill your mind,

Regret not my dear child,

Consoles the Lord above.

Miss not the present,

Wisely plan your future,

Repeat not the mistakes,

Be cautious and prudent.

Paying just the penalty,

For all the sins committed,

in your previous birth,

Reason out like this please.

All the lives must end,

Some achieve fame,

Others live ordinarily,

All are ruled by fate.

Have in heart contentment,

Get joy in small successes,

Lead a highly peaceful life,

Pass time in a grand manner.

God's presence is definite,

He knows fully how to act,

Surrender to Him totally,

He will do the needful.

Money, power, name and fame,

Are all absolutely temporary,

God only is eternally permanent,

Cling to His lotus feet with faith.

M V Venkataraman

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