Thinking Makes You a Pauper or King's image
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Positive thinking helps a lot,

If pessimism is brought,

Result will be a big naught,

In worry-trap, you are caught.

Fearing stops the progress,

And gives undue distress,

Fear is an invisible virus,

It gives an undue distress.

By courage, fear must be replaced,

Any situation must be boldly faced,

By oversight if fear has surfaced,

By confidence, it must be effaced.

Possible attitude must be followed,

By hope, mind must be hallowed,

Worry gives an unbearable load,

Optimism alone is the best code.

Happy thoughts must be cherished,

Then, mind can be well-nourished,

If fear and worry have perished,

Fort of failure can be demolished.

Faith in God must never diminish,

God-faith helps make life flourish,

Mind's tension, prayer can abolish,

All evils, the Almighty can banish.

Upon God only all souls depend,

Tricky fate, God can well-mend,

His blessings, He will kindly send,

To agonies, He will surely attend.

With God, have not any bargain,

Pray not for any material gain,

Pray to end life's terrible pain,

Prayer never at all goes in vain.

One's mind, problems may grind,

Prayer definitely calms the mind,

A proper way one can always find,

As fate happens to be very kind.

Pray, pray, and always pray,

Say, say, a positive word, say,

Work hard eagerly every day,

Meet success on your way.

M V Venkataraman

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