There Can be None Like a Woman's image
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A woman can make or break,

She can give or cure an ache,

She has enormous potential,

The right touch is essential,

She is for the home a delight,

She is pleasant to the sight,

As a baby to her parents,

She gives positive currents,

Because of her kind presence,

Parents get an earning sense,

She is soft in body and mind,

She knows only to be kind,

She is a fairy for the family,

She solves every anomaly,

She rectifies minds of brothers,

Due to her, hope never withers,

She offers the right advice,

By being extraordinarily wise,

She will never get anger,

Can wait patiently longer,

She brings luck to everyone,

By the prayer sincerely done,

She leaves after her marriage,

When comes the marrying age,

She builds her own home,

Like the Empire called Rome,

She loves her husband,

To build a sacred bond,

She has her children to attend,

For this, she will mend and bend,

She teaches them all the morals,

She preaches not to have quarrels,

She earns for the family money,

By undertaking a tough journey,

She bears the day-to-day insults,

Mainly for bringing good results,

She saves money in a proper way,

As frugality she will always obey,

When the situation is so tough,

She will solve it through her stuff,

She will obviate the need for fights,

And take the family to great heights,

She will love all with true affection

And remove via love every infection,

Any matter, she will rightly handle,

So, peace and riches won't dwindle,

She will rock with love the cradle

And with easiness solve the hurdle,

She will educate her kids wisely

And create a future for them nicely,

She will sense the approaching disaster

And to solve it finely act damn faster,

She will teach the value of holy riches,

To keep them intact in family's pitches,

She will be kind and considerate always,

And support the family in all the ways,

She will create a fine life for her children,

To make them shine superbly under the Sun.

She will become one day a grandmother,

And give the family a classic weather,

She will love her grandchildren deeply,

And help them think by talking kindly,

She will be a gem for the whole clan

And one day leave all as per God's plan,

Her services will shine like gold,

This is the news all over the world,

A woman is the one and only reason

Why the world gets regular season,

Without a woman, world is a burial ground,

Peace and joy there won't be that sound,

A woman alone is the world's torch-bearer,

The world loses thrill surely without her,

May every woman bless this Cosmos,

Her absence will be an irreparable loss!

M V Venkataraman

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