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The Holy Sky Staying Infinitely So High

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman January 8, 2023
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See the Sky which is vaster than the Sea,

We are all given by that miraculous glee,

Fee for that is not even a single Rupee,

He is blessing you and of course me!

Delight gives Sky in the dark night,

Sight shows God's infinite might,

Fight men angrily with no foresight,

Height of ignorance is their plight!

Sky takes those who at last die,

Fly toward it souls cutting the tie,

Eye of God watches to wisely pry,

Lie is made by Him to deeply cry!

Blue Sky when you daily view,

New ideas come to rescue,

You will get peace that is due,

Few only enjoy this interview!

Rain and Sun will nicely explain,

Gain superbly all of us obtain,

Chain of clouds. God does train,

Again and again, a fine bargain!

Providence has Sky-residence,

Evidence is this for His existence,

Prudence must overtake ignorance,

Alliance with God carries sense!

One piece is this Sky giving peace,

Please pray by bending the knees,

Fees are never asked to kindly ease,

Increase faith during this life-lease!

Pray and a kind word always say,

Obey good morals in every way,

Stay with faith and hope everyday,

Convey to God without any delay!

Firmament is the only Government,

Imminent is its holy management,

Commitment to it brings improvement,

Agreement with it gives merriment!

Look at the Sky, don't overlook,

Book boons including holy luck,

Struck is peace along with pluck,

Trick of fate fails due to His magic!

M V Venkataraman

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