Temple-Clinic Removes Panic's image
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God's presence is fool-proof,

God has provided enough,

Under the holy Sky-roof,

His rules are never tough.

Prayer is always the best anchor,

For life, it only forms the real basis,

It stops mind from becoming weaker,

And saves the soul from every crisis.

When kindness is employed,

God's presence is then felt,

Mind no longer feels annoyed,

Before God if the soul has knelt.

God-faith will be always rewarding,

So, to deliver a prayer, don't forget,

Heart-fort, God will be guarding,

Peace of mind, prayer helps us get.

God's guidance, prayerfully seek,

In life, when deep troubles arise,

And ever enjoy a winning streak,

Via God's blessings in disguise.

Believe in God's existence,

And toil hard like a stud bull,

Because of your persistence,

God's benedictions will be full.

Make a visit to the sacred temple,

And convey to God every problem,

Solutions will become very simple,

Mind will then attain equilibrium.

When strong God-faith is possessed,

A man remains miraculously unbeaten,

By the world, he is honorably addressed,

As a person whom nothing can threaten.

Peace will never be lost,

If you decide to now pray,

Totally forget the past,

At least now, don't delay.

With God-faith peace is possible,

Exactly like a pair of scissors

Mind and prayer are inseparable,

All prayers, God surely answers!

M V Venkataraman

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