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By fate when you are tested,

Fate must never be detested,

Let the living race be contested,

Fate fears if you have protested.

When you are confused,

God mustn't be accused,

Tears mustn't be abused,

Hope must be infused.

Peace must be chased,

Guts must be purchased,

Tears must be replaced,

Life must be boldly faced.

Have in mind no rancor,

Hope is the best anchor,

Worry, you mustn't incur,

Or else tragedy will recur.

Fearing is so odd,

You have the Lord,

Always work hard,

Keep mind broad.

Don't at all give up,

Boldly take the step,

In life, finely develop,

Have over fate a grip.

Tears, if you allow,

Your mood goes low,

Accept fate's blow,

Be steady though slow.

Under the Sun,

Don't try to sin,

Take boldness in,

You will then win.

If you often take a lazy nap,

Your energy, you can't tap,

Your mood, laziness will sap,

Then, no feathers in your cap.

What you need, God will sanction,

Only if you very patiently function,

Living itself is a wonderful function,

Thanks to God, via prayer, mention.

M V Venkataraman

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