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When you are mentally deranged,

Feel not that the state is constant,

Via fine plans, illness can be changed

Though the remedies can't be instant.

Past losses may be the reason,

That only makes you mentally ill,

There is a remedy under the Sun,

You can avoid each pharmacy bill.

From the day your mind gets the attack,

Till today, you analyze wisely and clearly,

You note down each and every setback,

Drop no event as unimportant merely.

Find out at your side possible blemish,

Don't make your mind's illness so big,

Brooding over the past is damn foolish,

For which, a grave, you must firmly dig.

Even a great sage was a thief once,

Even a thief becomes a sage later,

To the world, you firmly announce,

That you are exactly like the latter.

You can consult a doctor,

Who practices psychiatry,

Remember, you are the actor,

Whose mind is now a monkey.

Medication helps in the treatment,

But, you must offer cooperation,

So that the illness isn't permanent,

And you enjoy fullest recuperation.

Doctor is to God truly equal,

None can gainsay this truth,

Mental illness is like hell,

Escaping it can't be smooth.

Doing regular exercise moderately,

And praying to God for a remedy,

Are the steps you can take boldly,

Then life won't become a tragedy.

God-faith alone absolutely cures,

Exercise makes you finely tired,

Faith in God he who well-endures,

Has his position to the lord wired.

The Almighty's role is shifted,

Nowadays to doctor's profession,

Via God and doctor, you are lifted,

Have in life never any confusion.

M V Venkataraman

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