Tackling Rigidity in the Society's image
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Follow not a rigid principle

When you deal with people

As no one is always bad

Let this notion be ever had


When you find a person highly wrong

He may make sorrow to you belong

Here if you are hurt without any doubt

Then this must be really thought about


Either leave him without any expectation

Or try to change him via kind association

If you are particular to bring a real change

All your kind thoughts, you must exchange


In case you decide to go away totally

Never bother that minds must tally

On the other hand, expecting friendship

May lead to definitely severe hardship


Some people are by nature damn rigid

They will refuse to accept peace-bid

And so it is better always to avoid

For which wisdom must be employed


Never try to satisfy a stubborn person

He may regard your advice as poison

Keep silent and hurt not, praise not

Then, in troubles you won't be caught.


M V Venkataraman

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