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Thinking power will never exhaust,

For thinking, the scope is damn vast,

Your life, your thoughts will outlast,

Stop not thinking please at any cost.

By thinking, air-plane was invented,

By the same, plague was prevented,

Now, even the stars can be counted,

And anything can be circumvented.

Everything is because of only thought,

Without thought, life is a big naught,

From Nature, thoughts can be bought,

By musing, thoughts can be brought.

Thinking beyond the limit,

Requires an ingenious wit,

To think, let your mind permit,

Then, even fate, you can outwit.

Devote your wholehearted attention,

In the matter of your job-execution,

Pray to God to help in your action,

God will offer you surely protection.

Have a very strong will,

Worry not about any peril,

Keep an excellent vigil,

Boldly go for the final kill.

Thoroughly work hard to learn,

To learn, more and more, yearn,

Work severely to immensely earn,

You make mid-night candles burn.

Everything is definitely possible,

Prayer makes your power double,

Experience makes you capable,

Prayer makes God to you liable.

Highly and deeply concentrate,

You will surely become very great,

Hopefully knock at victory's gate,

Fate will keep you in the best state.

In heart and mind, keep God and act,

God's presence is an unassailable fact,

If holy prayer is ever chanted with tact,

Success will come to you for a nice pact!

M V Venkataraman

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