Strive Hard to Thrive on Sod's image
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Wait very patiently,

Think intelligently,

Do duty efficiently,

Get joy sufficiently.

Work hard until exhaustion,

Let efforts reach saturation,

Result is sure for exertion,

It will lead to exhilaration.

Nothing matches tireless striving,

Take your skill to a nonstop driving,

Success will be then surely arriving,

Prayer helps for a very easy thriving.

Past is already gone forever,

Over future have no shiver,

Use the present by being clear,

Then, agony won't come near.

When opportunity knocks,

Spend not time in mere talks,

Away when opportunity walks,

Defeat only comes and mocks.

Light a candle, curse not darkness,

There lies a soul's real smartness,

Hatred is heart's main weakness,

It clearly reveals a soul's ugliness.

Usefully if time is spent,

There is no need to repent,

Life is a kind of experiment,

Let it bring entertainment.

Lost time won't surely come back,

But, leave for all a guiding track,

Every life, age will severely attack,

To live well, develop the knack.

Don't have at any time self-pity,

Positive thinking is every pretty,

Problems will become so petty,

When you start doing your duty.

M V Venkataraman

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