Step to Win Victory- Cup's image
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Follow strict discipline,

For you to strongly reign,

Keep your mind clean,

Be ideal, I firmly mean.

Time is ruthless,

Be not careless,

If you are goalless,

You are pathless.

Living is your right,

In life, think straight,

Always try to be right,

Victory, you will sight.

Bitter experience is a medication,

It cures fully lack of dedication,

It is indeed an invaluable indication,

To take steps for defeat's eradication.

Your goal, defeat may paralyze,

Invite defeat, then, carefully analyze,

Consider keenly an expert's advice,

Wonderful life, don't wrongly despise.

Knowledge must be widened,

Mind must be broadened,

Heart must be gladdened,

Before meeting the dead-end.

God is very very near,

He is our only superior,

Pray to Him my dear,

Your way, He will clear.

Stop being talkative,

Be not argumentative,

Don't be oversensitive,

Now take the initiative.

Among lives happen wars,

When mind develops scars,

Think of the night with stars,

Carry on until time debars.

This life is very precious,

Wasting it is damn atrocious,

Tasting it proves delicious,

Time is in general auspicious!

M V Venkataraman

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