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Start with a Smart, Strong and Sound Heart to Astound

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 18, 2023
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New difficulties may emerge,

In tears, don't sadly submerge,

Let thought and action merge,

To win, develop an inner urge.

When laziness is resorted to,

You fail in whatever you do,

"No Pains, No Gains" is true,

In efforts, leave not any due.

By being always daring,

You can go on scoring,

If you are ever snoring,

Life will be then boring.

In life, every defeat finely educates,

Toward betterment, it easily elevates,

Love toward duty, He who cultivates,

Finds success offering huge rebates.

In each of your pursuit,

If you are damn resolute,

Without any kind of dispute,

Your efforts will bear fruit.

When you grow extremely tired,

Enthusiasm alone is then required,

If hope is by you prayerfully hired,

Success comes as you have desired.

To the task if you steadfastly stick,

Your idea will surely one day click,

When is spitefully thrown at you brick,

Using it to wisely build is the best trick.

Fear is mind's dangerous opponent,

Courage is mind's useful component,

To courage if you give your consent,

None on earth can stop your ascent.

If you have valuable hope,

You will find definitely scope,

Patiently give a very long rope,

Then, with anything,you can cope.

Pray always to the God-Master,

To overcome any kind of disaster,

He will kindly heal mind's blister,

Blessing good fortunes to cluster!

M V Venkataraman

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