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Always think by being good,

To supply mind nourishing food,

Have a constant cheerful mood,

At no time foolishly brood.


Think of only the present,

It is only usefully relevant,

Price of worry is exorbitant,

Make mind an honest servant.


Do the level best,

Leave to God the rest,

Worry is a dangerous pest,

Prevent it even as a guest.


Mind's power is unlimited,

Don't with cowardice dread,

Past is absolutely dead,

So, carry not worry to bed.


Nonstop efforts prove effective,

But, goal mustn't be defective,

Prayer is soothingly protective,

Prayer has no other alternative.


Sweat can make tears vanish,

Due to defeat, feel not feverish,

Life is a miraculous boon, so relish,

God will care when fate is devilish.


Repeat a task and fully master it,

Overcome burden by using grit,

One day, God will surely permit,

Visiting becomes victory's habit.


Mind must be kept optimistic,

Body must be made energetic,

The Aim had must be realistic,

For living to be so ecstatic.


Patience is a sterling temperament,

Make that noble habit permanent,

Then, there will be no bereavement,

Even when comes a disappointment.


In life to ascend,

Learn well to bend,

God will surely send,

Success in the end!


M V Venkataraman

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