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Sleep is a temporary death,

Very dangerous is its dearth,

It comes naturally after birth,

Is lost due to worries' growth.

Holy sleep's the most ideal duration,

Can't enjoy fixation with perfection,

If sleep reaches the state saturation,

It leaves after energy's restoration.

Sleeplessness produces sure irritation,

Via pills some give sleep an invitation,

Sleeping habit needs careful cultivation,

Sleep ends not the brain's computation.

Sleep produces various dreams,

Which contain a variety of themes,

Good things help in our schemes,

Bad themes end in our screams.

Analyze the reason for your sleeplessness,

As it isn't at all an indication of goodness,

Bring in your sleeping pattern orderliness,

Share ideas with others to avoid loneliness.

If sleep is very very deep,

Good-health, you can keep,

Brain, sleep will clean sweep,

Mind is fresh, you won't weep.

Doing severe physical labor,

Will make sleep brain's harbor,

Insomnia reduces your caliber,

Sleep erases worry like rubber.

Via a perfect keeping of habit,

Sleeping target, you correctly hit,

Untimely activities, if you prohibit,

You become a lion-killing rabbit.

Be, at all times, sagaciously religious,

Let the reaping of sleep be prodigious,

Sleepless nights are surely contagious,

Insomnia makes your brain outrageous.

Sleep well to ever think very well,

Sleeplessness truly is an alarm bell,

That informs your departure to hell,

Pray to lullaby the brain's sleep-cell.

M V Venkataraman

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