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Sad I Was Due to Love-Loss- 04/04/1999

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman April 12, 2023
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By her, my whole life is devastated,

The losses can never be estimated,

Suddenly her denial, she intimated,

Like a balloon, I became deflated.

My disappointment, I never exhibited,

For her leaving me, I sadly permitted,

Rays of deep gloom, my heart remitted,

A brave act of sacrifice, I just committed.

When a person is least interested,

In pursuing, time mustn't be wasted,

Severe mental agony was created,

All my hopes of love were cremated.

Through holy marriage, I became related,

In living a fresh life, I gladly participated,

By hoping my mind would be activated,

But, my approach was so sadly belated.

I became psychologically enervated,

By serious troubles, I was badly invited,

By even petty matters, I got excited,

My day of leaving the world, I awaited.

Though loving act she only initiated,

Contract of love, she cruelly vitiated,

My leading a miserable life, I hated,

My mind's depression aggravated.

My heart, bitter feelings only dominated,

In acute depression, events culminated,

Day by day, my power gradually depleted,

Forty years of living, I one day completed.

By nothing I feel properly rejuvenated,

By depression, my mind is detonated,

As per my capacity, money is donated,

I expect my life will get abbreviated.

Living has become very complicated,

My self-estimation has depreciated,

I pray so that God can be propitiated,

To pills and insomnia, I am addicted.

By God, death-prescription must be dictated,

From this world, I must be soon eliminated,

I am not afraid if by death I am separated,

God will feel comforted if I have departed.

A severe punishment is inflicted,

Optimism is by me fully evicted,

By stress and worry, I am afflicted,

To have sheer doom, I am indicted.

Will I be, by the Almighty, protected?

Will my defects be, by Him, corrected?

On the right path, will I get directed?

Will my life be, by Him, soon perfected?

M V Venkataraman

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