Sacred Water- A Divine Matter's image
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O- Water- the divine product,

I view you with deep respect,

Your body, God does induct,

You are only the main aspect.

You sleep on earth-bed,

World gets regular food,

Everywhere grows wood,

You are earth's life-blood.

Drought makes earth cry,

Her tears, Sun will dry,

As clouds, you will fly,

And fall from the Sky.

Yours is a cool touch,

World is lost if you ditch,

Leave us not in the lurch,

Please enrich world-pitch.

In the earth godown,

Nothing can be sown,

If you don't come down,

Then, no village or town.

You are sacredly colorless,

Your generosity is matchless,

World will become lifeless,

If you bless us less and less.

Your every drop makes an ocean,

You form the biggest portion,

Man knows just only to apportion,

Please fall in the right proportion.

You sacrifice your holy body,

And come to everyone's remedy,

World will be surely in jeopardy,

If, to help all, you aren't ready.

Don't delay your arrival,

You have no other rival,

To keep us all very well,

Please fall into our well.

Man has invented computer,

But, he can't invent water,

I thank the greatest Creator,

As he is only water's inventor!

M V Venkataraman

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