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By having contentment,

Agonies, you can prevent,

Ambition is important,

As it brings improvement.

Decide via common sense,

Give not any room to tense,

Thinking is the best defense,

So, use it with intelligence.

Pros and cons if you analyze,

A solution will then materialize,

Be wise in firmly avoiding vice,

Winner is the one who tries.

Having no ambition is mulish,

Beyond the limit is just foolish,

Plan to have a reasonable wish,

Abolish not wish, toil and finish.

When mind is fairly stretched,

Anything can be then fetched,

He who has hopefully searched,

Will never feel at all wretched.

God will never cheat,

Fall at his sacred feet,

Face boldly defeat,

Success, you will meet.

Write down the merits and demerits,

Then careful choose if the goal fits,

The moment a bright idea just hits,

Make out of it mammoth profits.

Contentment is a benediction,

But, it may sap progressive action,

Do shrewdly fresh goal-selection,

Toil and glory have a connection.

From hard-work, success emanates,

A fearing mind never wisely regulates,

Need to worry, hope firmly eliminates,

Only via action, ambition culminates.

Step by step, proceed gradually,

Aim not for anything very greedily,

Accept work at any time readily,

Success will come to you speedily.

M V Venkataraman

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