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After choosing a profession,

Don't have any confusion,

Take it as a golden mission,

Pray for God's permission.

Laziness may badly entice,

Prepare to make a sacrifice,

To be more exact and precise,

Think not of Rupee and Paise.

Put your heart and soul,

In attending to your goal,

Drop your faith in any mole,

Instead, play a positive role.

Severe hurdles may come,

It is time to remain calm,

Prove that you are a gem,

Future then won't be dim.

Think wisely,

Decide nicely,

Work severely,

Also sincerely.

Sky is the ultimate limit,

If you form a good habit,

Don't lethargically sit,

Idleness, you prohibit.

Offer maximum helps to others,

Your cap will gain many feathers,

Hope, in your mind, wisely gathers,

If your heart never wrongly bothers.

At not time lose sacred courage,

Though events may discourage,

Never try to fly into a bad rage,

Patience increases your age.

God only never at all cheats,

Pray always like heart-beats,

Face courageously defeats,

Then perform great feats.

Through God's kind influence,

Pray and prove your excellence,

Think by using common sense,

Heart feels God via not eye-lens!

M V Venkataraman

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