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Wake up man, soon wake up,

The world is fast advancing,

Makeup man soon makeup,

Or else you will be losing.

To you freedom is given,

From your date of birth,

You won't be forgiven,

If you improve not earth.

Win not by using sheer force,

Accept not injustice inflicted,

For holy peace, be a source,

Let violence be firmly evicted.

God's laws are very firm,

Don't try to wrongly break,

During your had life-term,

Peace, you try to make.

Death cannot be escaped,

But fear can definitely be,

The future can be shaped,

By hard-working like a bee.

Do any work jubilantly,

Don't at all complain,

Don't act reluctantly,

Gain follows pain.

Wherever sweat falls,

Sweet success grows,

This rule is never false,

As a way, God shows.

Always aim greatly high,

Try and don't regret,

Drop not goal with a sigh,

Then, success, you will get.

Do any task with devotion,

If your courage is unflinching,

You will get the due promotion,

Victory, you will be clinching.

Do always good deeds,

Until death firmly halts,

It is God who only leads,

Pray to stop all the faults.

M V Venkataraman

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