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Every defeat is a lesson,

It comes to every person,

If you analyze the reason,

To you, victory will listen.

Life without defeat

Is totally incomplete.

If you truly compete,

Success won't cheat.

By being polite,

Show your might,

Heart is the site,

Giving you delight.

Pray to God daily,

You become holy,

If you live here truly,

Peace comes surely.

Don't have devil greed,

Contented life, you lead,

To God, pray and plead,

God will fulfill your need.

Make earth a paradise,

Attend to people's cries,

He wins only if he tries,

In efforts, success lies.

If you are ever vigilant,

You can be confident,

By staying calmly silent,

Greatness is by you lent.

By being optimistic,

To the task, you stick,

Endurance is the trick,

Patience does magic.

Life-path is damn steep,

You fail if you just sleep,

If foresight you ever keep,

Toward glory you will leap.

God lives in your heart,

The needy, you comfort,

And play a useful part,

Practice the praying-art.

M V Venkataraman

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