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By being always very reasonable,

Life is mirthfully maintainable,

That life indeed is highly pitiable,

Where contentment is negligible.

Challenges, if fate imposes,

Boldness spreads soft roses,

Bravery if a man wisely chooses,

Immediately victory proposes.

When defeat comes, boldly accept,

Holy courage is a winning concept,

When life is pathetically over-slept,

Soul then becomes sadly bankrupt.

When your goal is spoiled,

Though you have fairly toiled,

Your blood will be then boiled,

Your heart will be cruelly nailed.

Gather courage to start afresh,

By using sacred hope, you push,

Calmly proceed and don't rush,

All obstacles, prayers will crush.

In mind when fear has crept,

Peace can't be safely kept,

Great lives have boldly leapt,

Because they have never wept.

Sadness will be always brief,

Belief will give great relief,

God is the one and only Chief,

He will easily stop your grief.

Chalk out plans and execute,

By being astoundingly astute,

All your efforts will bear fruit,

Peace of mind will be absolute.

Choose a goal intelligently,

Never at all chase it urgently,

Take time and try confidently,

The goal will give in obediently.

An unknown force surely lives,

When we pray, it kindly gives,

It makes a home out of a house,

Praying mind, that force loves!

M V Venkataraman

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