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Think fresh,

Let joy gush,

Form a wish,

Wisely finish.

Past is gone,

Future is unborn,

Hail the dawn,

Success will adorn.

Remain always happy,

To win success-trophy,

Practice hope-therapy,

Be active, not sleepy.

Give to hard-work salute,

Pessimism will only pollute,

Victory will be absolute,

If the mind is resolute.

Chances are slim,

If mind isn't trim,

God gives mind vim,

So, pray to Him.

God-faith gives morale boost,

Always guts rules the roost,

When enters mind fear-ghost,

Pray to God to soon oust.

Work hard for a noble cause,

Hard-worker wins the toss,

Success loves toil because,

Toil has the power to outclass.

When a goal is chased,

Difficulties are faced,

Success is soon traced,

If courage is embraced.

Don't stop, continue to try,

Feel not shy to ask God, why?

Honest efforts catch God's eye,

And so a man did grandly fly!

Without God's strong recommendation,

Success won't sanction accommodation,

To escape from failure's intimidation,

Invite God to lay the strongest foundation!

M V Venkataraman

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