Realization of Ambition's image
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Have colossal self-confidence,

Very invaluable is its presence,

Any act before you commence,

Understand fully its importance.

Whether male or female,

Fear makes one look pale,

Life becomes totally stale,

"I can" faith boosts morale.

What you need is application,

And enough time-allocation,

You will find victory's location,

If you work with real dedication.

Allow not any deviation,

Make perfect calculation,

Have not any botheration,

You will get a fine solution.

If intention is good,

Success will bud,

If courage you wed,

Life turns a rose-bed.

When a job is cumbersome,

Never wrongly feel irksome,

Hard-work may be tiresome,

But, profits will be handsome.

Don't sadly sob,

Make a probe,

Choose a job,

Let not fear rob.

When you show concentration,

And an unflinching determination,

You possess the best combination,

You get salutes from the Nation.

By keeping calm and also cool,

You learn greatly in world-school,

Brain is of all the very best tool,

Hard-work is the noblest rule.

Put for fear a big full stop,

No scheme will then flop,

Watch vigilantly like a cop,

Prayer takes you to the top.

M V Venkataraman

If intention is good

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