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Quit a Bad Habit by Using Wisdom and Wit

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman April 17, 2023
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In case to a habit you are badly addicted,

Sure doom can be by me easily predicted,

Any bad habit will cause surely disaster,

So long as it is your cruelly ruling master.


Is escape possible from its devilish clutches?

Here only pure wisdom comes and teaches,

Pure determination is a relief giving source,

You must apply that with a truly great force.


When that addiction comes giving temptation,

Yielding alone normally is its final expectation,

Here you must put a brake for your peace' sake,

The back of that bad habit, you must just break.


Will-power and guts must go hand in hand,

Persistence of that bad habit, just withstand,

Confidently exercise prudence by resisting,

Of course that devilish habit will be insisting.


Think of the sad consequences due to yielding,

As a negative result that will be easily building,

As a result of your bending meekly before that,

Enormous loss and frustration only you will get.


Just kick it off saying a firm good-bye for good,

Let your firm approach be by it now understood,

All of a sudden if you drop it, you are shrewd,

Never think bad for here being powerfully rude.


Exercise your great mind and reasoning power,

Let not your will die like a soon-withering-flower,

Let your mind take the upper hand to overcome,

All your weakness to create a healthy outcome.


M V Venkataraman

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