Proceed to Plant Hope-Seed to Succeed's image
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Have faith in cheerfulness,

It will bring in life fullness,

Losing hope is madness,

Save mind from darkness.

Cheer makes your personality bright,

Being careful is surely always right,

Cheer superbly lifts mind's might,

All the people like you at first sight.

Cheer executes a wonderful transformation,

By activating energetically blood circulation,

Cheer and success have a close relation,

Cheer alone does a brilliant life-regulation.

Through cheer ban tear,

Keep your mind clear,

Love this life my dear,

Heaven is very near.

Cheer is a very strong protection,

Let it become a kind of addiction,

Being cheerful is the first condition,

For undertaking a successful mission.

Mix cheer in each and every act,

You will feel then peaceful in fact,

Many will come into your contact,

Via holy cheer, form a friendly pact.

Cheerful faces are attractive,

So, learn to cheerfully live,

If your thinking is positive,

Your brain is made so active.

Mind must be rightly adjusted,

Mood must be superbly lifted,

The worst must be digested,

Keep cool your thinking head.

Cheer is always preferable,

It is also easily transferable,

After transfer, it turns double,

It is hundred percent reliable.

Pray cheerfully to God,

To make your mind broad,

Cheerfully always work hard,

Lord will offer you the reward!

M V Venkataraman

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