Prayer and Toil Rescue on the Soil's image
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Dear, please never at all repent,

Let not time be uselessly spent,

Try to be be shrewdly valiant,

Then you will feel so jubilant.

Worry not about the future,

Worry is equivalent to torture,

One day all must face departure,

That is the golden rule of Nature.

On money man alone fully leans,

He gets it via many unlawful means,

He creates everywhere sad scenes,

His dirty mind, prayer alone cleans.

Nature believes in holy generosity,

Pats man's reasonable curiosity,

Nature also punishes with severity,

Mainly those who indulge in cruelty.

Whatever man is handling,

He indulges only in swindling,

His mind, greed is kindling,

His faith in justice is dwindling.

Humanity adores any activity,

That has a very great utility,

If heart is cleansed of impurity,

Mind realizes the role of deity.

When troubles arise, don't tremble,

Despite great fame, remain humble,

Over God's presence, don't gamble,

For Heaven and earth to resemble.

Commit not any sinful act,

Always analyze the fact,

For mind to remain intact,

You must use great tact.

Reward for prayer is sure peace,

Those who toil like those bees,

Will pass this life with real ease,

By bending prayerfully knees.

God is merciful and also graceful,

Prayer is hundred percent useful,

To make life more meaningful,

Always try to be kindly helpful!

M V Venkataraman

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