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Future is surely uncertain,

None knows what is next?

What I mean in this context,

Is, future, none can ascertain.

From destiny none can escape,

Except the believers in God,

Pray to the most sacred Lord,

He will keep you in good shape.

Go to God and beg,

He will offer help,

Beat worries to pulp,

To become, in life, big.

Efforts when you take,

Problems become small,

Always mercifully love all,

A good life, you can make.

Think ever deeply,

Let your mind register,

Good thoughts to muster,

The required guts amply.

Your life of course is

In your own control,

Let toil be your goal,

Kind God, you please.

According to your expectation,

Events mayn't in the world occur,

It is indeed foolish to have rancor,

Acceptance is the only solution.

Work with dedication,

Mind not the delay,

Toil, you must obey,

Do work like meditation.

When the task is strenuous,

Use a bit of holiest patience,

Sweat must equal the oceans,

Your winning will be obvious.

God will safeguard,

If you appeal to Him,

If you chant a hymn,

God will gladly nod!

M V Venkataraman

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