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Pray, Dive, Survive, Thrive, Revive to Stay Alive

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman March 16, 2023
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Present enjoyment is okay,

Forget not the past agonies,

For a peaceful life, find a way,

Before God, bend the knees.

Time will fly away,

Before you notice,

So, pray everyday,

To give you peace.

Do all the possible tasks,

By being bold and brave,

Can you do? if one asks,

You courageously behave.

Like a bee gathering sweet honey,

Learn everything about the trade,

Earn through efforts enough money,

And give to the poor people shade.

Never allow fear near,

As fear is a deadly devil,

It will extract your tear,

And demolish your will.

Fear not the future,

Pray to God to handle,

Accept every torture,

Your fear will dwindle.

Do your duty carefully,

And pray to your deity,

God will help you kindly,

In discharging your duty.

You get help from the Almighty,

When you are absolutely honest,

By being a very sincere devotee,

You will reap a very rich harvest.

God's feet, you prayerfully catch,

You will become surely alright,

When you hard-work at a stretch,

Victory, you can definitely sight.

Into the task, very boldly enter,

Time for that, you totally devote,

Whenever snags you encounter,

Pray to bag God's invaluable vote!

M V Venkataraman

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