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Practice the art of being silent,

In character, it is the finest element,

Occasion won't arise to resent,

The world will pay a compliment.

Only when comes one's turn,

One must express one's concern,

This art, if one can wisely learn,

The best name one can earn.

Only when asked, give a reply,

Silence is soothing to apply,

Proper remedy, silence will supply,

Acceptance, silence doesn't imply.

If anger comes, try to suppress,

Even internally, never at all curse,

Silence is there to kindly nurse,

Position will favorably reverse.

Silence is very hard to gather,

Any situation, silence can weather,

Silence and wisdom love one another,

They always live only together.

Silent man keeps all in suspense,

He regards speech as an expense,

Such an expense is sheer nonsense,

So, he is against any word's utterance.

Opinions may widely differ,

He who tells will surely suffer,

Silence is there to prefer,

Silent man will then prosper.

A silent man is everyone's friend,

Though silent, ears, he must lend,

His affection, to all, he must extend,

By using that way, he must ascend.

He must firmly refuse,

To be also a recluse,

Silence is of great use,

So, that, he must choose.

Be silent, still be gregarious,

Be calm, still be curious,

Never at all feel furious,

Mind be firm, not precarious.

M V Venkataraman

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