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Always think by using logic,

Then, life will never be tragic,

At no time, remain lethargic,

Then, peace flows like magic,

When emotions lead you astray,

And for anger you become prey,

The best remedy is to only pray,

And let God with fate just play.

Keep always a calm mentality,

Of all, it is the finest quality,

In speech, wit lies in brevity,

Be moderate in your activity.

Be polite when you start to speak,

Further speech,others must seek,

At no time, become mentally weak,

Practice this technique for a week.

You will find in yourself a drastic change,

You will then aim surely for a higher range,

If your ideas, you properly try to arrange,

Success will be, to you, no longer strange.

Let not success alone occupy your mind,

At the cost of peace which you won't find,

Toward all, if you are merciful and kind,

God will surely support you from behind.

Root must be strong for any tree,

In watering be never carefree,

Air and Sun are to the tree free,

Let it enjoy life in a growing spree.

If, like a tree, your mind is nourished,

You will know it has finely flourished,

If any one thing is wrongly abolished,

Mind can never be firmly established.

Cut not the branch by sitting at the edge,

Build not walls, but build only a bridge,

Keep cool by following home's fridge,

Live this life happily without any grudge.

God, God and God only,

Can make you live happily,

Don't spend time very idly,

That is the way to live ideally.

M V Venkataraman

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