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Past is Lost, Present Alone is Important

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 26, 2023
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If past losses are recalled,

Progress will be stalled,

If fresh action is installed,

Life can be overhauled.

Sad past must be forgotten,

Or else it will ever frighten,

Peace, memory will threaten,

You will be afraid like a kitten.

Every sad recollection,

Will bring only dejection,

By spoiling present action,

Life is devoid of satisfaction,

The past is beyond any rectification,

Worrying over it brings complication,

Forgetting it brings life's simplification,

By completely stopping worrying action.

You might have sincerely tried,

Still, the Almighty didn't decide,

To send success to your side,

Fate took you for a severe ride.

Past must be erased,

Present must be faced,

Goals must be chased,

Glory must be traced.

If you are too much worried

And the past isn't buried,

A sad life only you will lead,

You will fail in your deed.

Time will move mechanically,

Life will pass away quickly,

If you live not systematically,

You are a loser technically.

Whenever tears start to leak,

To God, you very frankly speak,

You will enjoy a winning streak,

By getting whatever you seek.

God is the final authority,

Approach him with sincerity,

Always ponder with clarity,

God will help via serendipity!

M V Venkataraman

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