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Optimism is the Best "Ism" Says Enthusiasm

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 18, 2023
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When fate gives a severe blow,

Enormous patience, try to show,

Pray deeply to make peace flow,

Time will surely make you glow.

When there is an ambition,

It will face some opposition,

To reach a very high position,

Repeat tasks like imposition.

Victory comes not by chance,

So, your efforts, if you enhance,

To your tune, victory will dance,

In life, you definitely advance.

Every loss is a stepping stone,

Helping you reach success-throne,

Lazily if you just groan and moan,

Sweet success, you can't own.

Circumstances turn to be favorable,

When your efforts are reasonable,

Keep your mind strong and stable,

You will then prove to be invincible.

Disasters may even happen to weaken,

But, you don't become grief-stricken,

Let each and every jolt be well-taken,

Reasons for the disaster, you reckon.

When life-path is not at all smoother,

Don't fearfully stop, but just go further,

Allow not obstacles to make you bother,

Learn well to face life's rough weather.

Don't expect only rose-bed,

Keep calm your thinking head,

Prayers will pacify your blood,

You are by God alone ever led.

Whenever fate gives a strong jolt,

Fear not to bring acts to a halt,

Against fate with firmness revolt,

Fate will melt in high hope-volt.

Holy prayer is a soothing medicine,

Acting against each and every sin,

Under the Sun, each valuable lesson,

Is taught by God with strong reason!

M V Venkataraman

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