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Never relax, but ever try

Always smile, do not cry

With no worry, aim high

With hope, try to now fly

Surrender not to this fate

A new wave, you create

Do now without being late

Prove that you are great

Those who discourage

Will cause only damage

Be bold and then manage

You will win at every stage

Luck assists only the brave

If to laziness you are a slave

Even God won't come to save

So avoid lethargy's bad wave

Those who won tried relentlessly

They never did their job hopelessly

By not viewing their goal carelessly

They made defeats look helplessly

If succeeding is your only aim

That success you can now claim

You can create surely a good time

This can be done without any crime

Hard-work and great will-power

And being in God a true believer

Will preserve your greatness ever

Success is a courageous man's lover.

M V Venkataraman

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