On the Sod, God will Guard's image
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When you pray to the Almighty,

God gives your life guarantee,

With peace, you sign a treaty,

You get a fine status in society.

Fate is to God just child's play,

So, to God, day and night, pray,

Praying is of all the best way,

Prayer gives you a superb day.

God-faith indeed is indispensable,

If you want to escape from trouble,

God alone is easily approachable,

He makes you in every way capable.

In blood, let God-faith be injected,

In mind's eye, let God be projected,

Then, mind feels never at all dejected,

By God, His devotee is never rejected.

At God's feet when you fall,

God is given an urgent call,

He will never play football,

He reaches you ignoring all.

God's power is infinite,

He only can make you fit,

By Him only, your life is lit,

So, cultivate a praying habit.

Mighty Almighty is invincible,

He is absolutely impeccable,

To ordinary mortals, invisible,

His ways are totally inscrutable.

Almighty is the one and only King,

Who knows the method of ruling,

In praise of Him, if you kindly sing,

In your heart, He comes to swing.

Whenever the Temple bell is ringing,

What a bliss that sound is bringing!

God-faith bestows proper upbringing,

So, let God dominate in your thinking.

God's lotus feet, always tightly hold,

And in this way, grow hopefully old,

Let prayer be with deep faith told,

To you, then, Heaven will be sold!

M V Venkataraman

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