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Ode To Mr Alfred Bernard Nobel (15/08/1999)

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman May 9, 2023
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O- Alfred Bernard Nobel, my dear dynamite inventor,

For Himalayan progress, you were the real mentor,

Into men's mind, if devilish ideas very cruelly enter,

Let not guilty conscience chase you like a hunter.

Before your most honorable cemetery,

I stand sadly not to indulge in flattery,

Nobel Prize isn't a mere lucky lottery,

But, a lamp with inexhaustible battery.

You proved your brain's great might,

By your new invention called dynamite,

You toiled extremely hard day and night,

And, at last, grandly won your foresight.

Genius T A Edison might have commented,

"To kill nothing at all I so far have invented,"

If he is living now, he would have repented,

Over his inventions,he would have resented.

Motion picture shows sheer sex and violence,

Destroying minds that fully erase innocence,

Because of artificially made light's presence,

People don't show Sun God proper reverence.

Phone, plane, TV, Radio, Train or car,

Might have made the inventor a star,

They also create in mind indelible scar,

Beings wage among themselves a war.

To invent, an inventor very carefully muses,

But, man badly abuses and severely misuses,

He offers via words too many useless excuses,

The inventor's heart, his conscience accuses.

Man indulges in catastrophic destruction,

He violates every peaceful instruction,

Nobel's dynamite helps in construction,

I tell this to his soul with deep affection.

Mountains can be tunneled by dynamite,

Well can be dug for water to come to sight,

O- Alfred Nobel- You had what an insight!,

To sleep peacefully, to you, I lovingly write.

Think of the position of the Lord of death,

Every second He kills beings on this earth,

He does his duty with or without any mirth?

Happens through labor pains alone birth.

To everyone, thoughts bud,

Some are noble, some crooked,

All are in search of daily bread,

All get laid in the death-bed.

O- Alfred Nobel- Shed no tears,

My heart, your agonies pierce,

I whisper with love in your ears,

That you only bring great cheers.

My feelings, I am unable to hide,

I actually don't commit suicide,

As one day, you may get me pride,

By using trust, I hopefully ride.

Your massive fortune is instrumental,

In eradicating things that are detrimental,

To humanity whose welfare is fundamental,

I beg you never to be sadly sentimental.

None escapes in a cruel plane-crash,

Thousands easily die if two trains dash,

Over mother earth, takes place clash,

All are seriously going after only cash.

By using telephones, villains threaten,

Parents' minds, cinemas terribly frighten,

Radios and TV advertise for a charlatan,

In motor races, many are by death beaten.

I want to kindly console

Your pure, but hurt soul,

In life, you stayed sole,

Nobel does a noble role.

Only your name here still lingers,

Only for you, write many fingers,

There are cruel power-mongers,

Who roam with guns and daggers.

Sleep Alfred, peacefully you sleep,

My prayer for you is sincerely deep,

Prestigious Nobel Prize, I mayn't reap,

I will hold my guts so as not to weep.

Many geniuses are yearly honored,

By hard-workers, glory is cornered,

Your noble will's each and every word,

Is throughout the world forever heard/

This poem is to you only kindly dedicated,

The words are by my conscience dictated,

Miseries of the world are by you eradicated,

To you, by God, let my ode be communicated.

M V Venkataraman

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