Obtain Rest, Gain Zest, Pain to Dust's image
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A thing becomes monotonous,

When doing it is continuous,

A job may be damn laborious,

Taking a rest makes it hilarious.

After working for a particular duration,

Spend time for rest and recuperation,

There will come a successful operation,

Without the presence of exasperation.

Fatigue must never be resisted,

By rest it must be rightly assisted,

With no rest those who persisted,

Are among the losers only listed.

Don't do anything at a stretch,

As the strain will be too much,

If, success, you want to fetch,

You need rest's golden touch.

Sleeping is in fact just temporary,

But, the rest acquired is exemplary,

Mind is made so fresh and free,

Body no longer feels that weary.

Rest differs from postponement,

Postponement leads to atonement,

Resting renews body-equipment,

Leading to double advancement.

"Slow and steady wins the race"

Is an adage formed by human race,

In the presence of plenty of days,

Think, work, rest and then chase.

When mind is crowded by hurry,

Think how grows a very tall tree,

Mind will molt its hurry and worry,

It will easily revive on the contrary.

Though action gives great satisfaction,

Too much of action does energy-suction,

To save shrewdly from severe exhaustion,

Please take the best possible precaution.

God always gives kindly protection,

From every day-to-day complication,

Nonstop prayer alone is an exception,

As it does superbly soul-purification!

M V Venkataraman

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