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O- Organization- Your Elevation is My Elation

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 23, 2023
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Choose and join an occupation,

Contribute active participation,

Make laziness suffer dissipation,

Pray to God for a proper solution.

Whenever comes any type of confusion,

Decide to make an expert consultation,

By meeting a stalwart in the organization,

Mind will come to a very clear position.

Day by day develop a fine ambition,

To come up in the chose mission,

Learn to tackle every hard situation,

And prove your merit for promotion.

Use each and every arising occasion,

To express your constructive notion,

Let not setbacks upset your emotion,

Opportunities are wider like an ocean.

Instead of words, show in action,

Become an expert in every section,

Treat everyone with true affection,

In work, try to attain real perfection.

Learn through a careful observation,

Let your knowledge enjoy distribution,

Politeness makes in hearts reservation,

Understanding produces sure salvation.

Toward your sacred institution,

Show true and proper dedication,

Pride is a very dangerous infection,

It rightly helps not mind to function.

Yours must be the best contribution,

To keep your firm in a good condition,

Face boldly the stiffest competition,

There will definitely be recognition.

Develop the art of communication,

Aim for optimum talent's utilization,

Always act only after due deliberation,

Spend life as a successful celebration.

Hard-work is the best consideration,

For promotion to enjoy selection,

There must never be duty-dereliction,

Action must not indicate contradiction.

Work with fullest devotion,

Showing care and attention,

Wisely make a prediction,

Over your securing elevation.

To God, file a prayerful petition,

To relieve you of mental tension,

God will give you His protection,

And help you live with no friction.

M V Venkataraman

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