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Do sincerely your work,

God deeply loves your act,

He will reward you suitably,

Ignore setbacks that trouble.

Ever think wisely and rationally,

Work is for a limited duration,

During that time, concentrate,

You will perform surely a lot.

Give work primary importance,

Let there be no duty-dereliction,

Allow not your mind to deviate,

Do your duty totally devotedly.

Have pleasant manners,

Smile is the very first trait,

Suppress anger ruthlessly,

Keep calm, quiet and steady.

Life is never a rose-bed,

It contains thorns also,

Understand this truth,

Lead life practically.

All mayn't be that friendly,

Few only will show gratitude,

Some will pierce your heart,

Some will apply medication.

To the maximum extent,

Offer to all your cooperation,

Be frank, polite and sociable,

After all, life is a brief stay.

Use reason when anger comes,

Behave bravely if fear enters,

Act nobly if occasion warrants,

In a gist, be ever a gentleman.

Kindness is a mighty weapon,

It opens easily roads to hearts,

He who possesses kindness,

Is assured of peace in his life.

If your faith in God is strong,

None can do you any harm,

So, pray to God with faith,

Practically feel His presence!

M V Venkataraman

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