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Ruthlessly destroy devil greed,

A greedy life, never at all lead,

In anything, control the speed,

Greed is a very dangerous seed.

Greed for each and everything,

Will ultimately lead to nothing,

Mind alone will greedily swing,

Aiming to acquire all the things.

Contentment is greed's real enemy,

It helps mind practice fine economy,

Greed is a disease according to me,

It will make life absolutely gloomy.

How wonderful is this enough attitude!

By moderation, mind can be improved,

Whether tear, cheer or being damn rude,

One must be extremely wise and shrewd.

Just like the world very calmly rolling,

One must have the knack of controlling,

After action, no use in sadly condoling,

After hurting, no use in kindly consoling.

This world is a truly wonderful planet,

Where, due to birth, we all have met,

Desire mustn't shoot up or plummet,

Ultimate decision is that of Kismet.

Moderation if is always practiced,

Peace of mind can be appeased,

Tension can be conveniently eased,

Heart will feel immensely pleased.

Greed in fact in any matter,

Will lead only to disaster,

Close in life greed-chapter,

Use laughter by being softer.

Beyond the eligible level,

If a mind wishes to travel,

It will always remain unwell,

Soul can't peacefully dwell.

God-faith is the one and only useful action,

That has no limitation regarding moderation,

Too much of God-faith acts as a protection,

Reaching God's feet must be our destination.

M V Venkataraman

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