Mysterious Entity is the Almighty's image
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Mysterious Entity is the Almighty

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman February 1, 2023
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By praying deeply to God,

Our hard mind is thinned

Peace becomes the reward,

When the soul hasn't sinned.

Prayer is a beautiful method,

Discovered by our ancestors,

When God-faith enters our head,

It fully cures the mind's blisters.

Mighty God is invincible,

What He decides is final,

Though He is invisible,

He gives a prayer signal.

One-God concept is wonderful,

All the religions must mingle,

Common Sky is very colorful,

God rules by being single.

In various ways, prayers are offered,

As per custom, convention and tradition,

Over God's presence, some have differed,

Which we have to very strongly mention.

God has never at all faltered,

By the Almighty, stars are lit,

When belief has entered,

Man feels he is made fit.

Instead of sending the pigeon,

To spread peace in the Universe,

Men invented this holy religion,

And prayer with sacred verse.

Man is seriously investigating,

Day by day rises his discovery,

This world, he is dominating,

Still God is to him a mystery.

Will never end man's curiosity,

So long as the Sun shines,

None can match Sun's charity,

Light and heat, Sun combines

The Sun as God, let us always regard,

Before Him, let us respectfully prostrate,

He is there to protect and safeguard,

And make our state peacefully great!

M V Venkataraman

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