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Mother is Supreme in God's Scheme

mvvenkataramanmvvenkataraman January 18, 2023
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God will guard to gladden our mind by giving grand boons to drive away our gloom.

The Lord will love us lavishly to lend us His blessings by lauding our act in a lovely way

The Almighty will alleviate our agony by allowing His blessings to alter our bad fate at last.

The unknown will guard us under His wings and urge us to be noble for getting ultimate Heaven.

The Creator will cancel curses to condition our mind to cool us down by controlling kindly.

The King of Cosmos will kiss our nobility and kill our ego to kindle our heart to be kind always.

The Ruler of Sky will be right to render noble deeds and create a route for peace via Justice rod.

The Head of Nature will help to remove hindrance by hiking His blessings via hearing prayers.

Justice Goddess will put evil in jail and make it a joker to jog alone toward Hell for helping all the souls to feel jolly.

O Mother- You are marvelous in managing via love as you made us all and you are matchless with full magnanimity and you use only love to monitor and mend with a kind motive and so meeting you is like meeting all the others above!

M V Venkataraman

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