Money's Power Bends All the Knees's image
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Put an end to every extravagance,

Spend money by using intelligence,

Help poor people with benevolence,

Take the best past for remembrance.

Be neither stinking rich nor deadly poor,

Let state be neither higher nor lower,

Question your conscience like a lawyer,

Come what may, never stop a prayer.

Ever practice sacred contentment,

Put for peace a strong basement,

Learn from dwellers on the pavement,

Avoid firmly every costly experiment.

Put money carefully in a savings-box,

People will chase you like a greedy fox,

To make at your door avaricious knocks,

Deny them to give reasonable shocks.

To ask for money,

There are too many,

Like bee saving honey,

Savings make life sunny.

Earning just one single Rupee,

Requires efforts like that of a bee,

In guarding money, be not carefree,

To spend money though you are free.

Give money for a good cause,

That act is never at all a loss,

Always you be money's boss,

Create wise spending laws.

Reasonably give people kindly alms,

But, not all that you have on palms,

Your good soul, charity finely calms,

Alms are conscience-soothing balms.

Money may make you damn wealthy,

But, exercise only keeps you healthy,

Use money and show proper sympathy,

Let not your mind be ruled by apathy.

God helps you in money-earning,

To earn money, many are yearning,

Only work brings money, not yawning,

Prayer alone helps in peace-owning!

M V Venkataraman

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