Mission of a Woman in My Vision's image
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A girl baby is a precious possession,

She must be brought up with affection,

By getting the best possible protection,

Shaping her life needs a proper decision!

She is for the family a miraculous cushion,

She drives parents to earn remuneration,

Seeing her gives them great exhilaration,

Due to her, they don't get any exhaustion.

A female child needs dressing decoration,

Via her God makes His holy representation,

She is for the family a sacred presentation,

To guard her, parents must do preparation.

She must be given the best kind of education,

There must never be her weeping occasion,

To give her peace, must be taken every action,

Over her treatment, she must get satisfaction.

Must happen in her mind, noble morals' induction,

She must be trained to have good ideas' production,

She must not be by cheap things given seduction,

Nothing must bring to her thoughts improper friction.

She must happily enter into her marriage function,

With great happiness, her mind must always function,

She must be trained to handle any kind of tension,

She must lead life with a highly courageous intention.

She must have a sagacious brain to make a valuation,

By using her reasoning, she must avoid any violation,

She must have the wisdom to make a consultation,

She must know to do the best kind of contemplation.

She must have the dexterity to serve her holy Nation,

She must fill her mind with a positively useful emotion,

Via her, peace, mercy and wit must enjoy promotion,

She mustn't yield to any state that causes confusion.

Glory mustn't cause in her mind any intoxication,

She muse deploy patience in every application,

She must commit acts to get a standing ovation,

From the right path, she must make no deviation.

The world must bestow on her a kind approbation,

Her acts must be such that to get congratulation,

She must preserve and nourish every good relation,

My view of a woman is this wonderful summation!

M V Venkataraman

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