Mental Acumen Makes Great Men's image
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Mind's power is immeasurable,

To achieve, it is really capable,

If it remains strong and stable,

The impossible is attainable.

By good thoughts, mind is nourished,

When negative ideas are abolished,

Mind is highly positively polished,

By prayer alone the mind is leashed.

Keep mind in constant check,

Or else it will easily play a trick,

Good thought is a solid brick,

To build life, you have to pick.

Laughter makes mind agile,

Tears make it stay fragile,

In life, to smoothly sail,

Let laughter be life's style.

Success is a wonderful treat,

Given by God if you repeat,

Success will be very sweet,

Very bitter will be defeat.

Still, defeats will educate,

And teach you about fate,

This life, never at all hate,

If defeat enters your gate.

To rest, let mind be put,

Time will heal heart's cut,

Open the mind,don't shut,

Mind, then, peace will glut.

Trouble is a passing cloud,

Temporarily it will feel proud,

To remain ever, it isn't allowed,

So, let life be cheerfully loved.

Success and failure will alternate,

With life you have to cooperate,

Always you can't surely dominate,

But, better to stop being obstinate.

Tackle life by remaining calm,

Prayer only is the best balm,

To bring God into your palm,

God will defuse fate's bomb!

M V Venkataraman

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